Izyum farm, founded in 1952, is the oldest producer of mink and silver fox in Ukraine. Located on the Eastern part of Ukraine.

IZH - one of the first mink farms in Ukraine, which followed the influences of fashion, brought the elite breed of Danish and American mink, which are in great demand and popularity around the world, including Ukraine - short nap reminding of velvet, mink is haunted by the women of fashion to this day.

Since 2002, breeding herd has been imported and updated regularly, and IZH has become a herd plant of breeding and sale of mink. Thus, in Izyum farm you can buy not only the furs of mink, but the elite breeds of mink for breeding.

Izyum farm successfully develops and keeps pace with time - always consulted with leading specialists in selecting and breeding mink from Denmark and introduction of modern technology. IZH is using unique and specific equipment manufactured in Denmark, as well as introduced modern European technology for primary processing of raw materials. Izyum farm is expanding, and now in its composition another mink farm in the Poltava region - Chutovo.

Currently Izyum farm is one of the largest mink farms in Ukraine. The main herd consists of 30 thousand female mink, which is characterized by large size and European quality.

Productions of Izyum farm are well-known on the Copenhagen and the North American Fur Auctions, Izyum furs are bought by fur coats manufacturers from Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Russia and China. It is also famous to specialists of fur fashion from Ukraine.

Izyum farm together with the trade mark «Magic Furs» offers our charming Ukrainian women final product - a beautiful fur, sewn from perfect mink of IZH. Products with «Magic Furs» trademark are represented with the whole range of manufactured furs.

IZH seeks to find new ways to develop and open to cooperation with business partners from near and far
foreign countries.

Great deals are offered to buy wholesale and retail young breeds and furs of mink:

Scan Black, Scan Brown, Silverblue, Sapphire, Sapphire Cross, Black Cross, American Dark, Demi Buff, Wild, Pearl and Mahogany.

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